Wednesday, November 23, 2011


2 weeks ago, we had the opportunity to go to Kurdistan which is in the northern part of Iraq and it was a fabulous trip.  Last year, a little girl came to the hospital from Kurdistan to have surgery on her club foot.  It was great to follow up with her and to meet her family.  Kurdistan reminded me a lot of Palestine and we really enjoyed our time with the people there. 

A couple doctors from Oasis went along, too.  It was freezing but a nice change.  

The kids loved Trey and appreciated the fact that he was willing to wrestle with them.

Warshin is the girl in the front. Her personality is so different from when we first met her before her surgery.   It's great to see how a change like this can make such a positive impact.                                

The whole family and a few others.

The mountains in the back were towards Iran and had snow on them. It was so beautiful to see.

They gave us traditional Kurdish clothing. They had them made just for us.


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